Sasha Norton Yoga

Sasha has been practicing yoga for over 27 years and has been teaching for over 17 years. You can find her registered with the Yoga Alliance and with CIMSPA. She has a vibrant energy and passion for sharing her experience and knowledge with others for better health and wellness!


Why practice yoga?


Release your true potential

Sasha views the practices of asana and pranayama as a preparation for the deeper practices of concentration and meditation.

​Yoga is a systematic training of the physical body, breath, senses and mind in attempt to achieve spiritual union and self-realisation. Although this may not be the aim of every practitioner ('and indeed was never my intention when I first turned to yoga for stress relief'), the techniques and methods are also effective in relieving physical and mental tension and encouraging a greater sense of well-being. Strength, flexibility and stamina are welcome by-products.

Class Descriptions


Find the style that's right for you



Classes are energetic, yet help to develop a sense of calm, inner peace, and wellbeing. This is a fast-moving style of yoga, linking deep, cleansing breathing with a structured sequence of postures designed to stretch you physically and mentally. You will be led through the sequence and given options to suit your level. Because of the pace, it is best for those who have reasonable fitness, or who already practice other forms of yoga. Guaranteed to make you sweat!


Classes are at a more gentle pace, with static holds to strengthen and give an all over stretch. Typically I will include specific breathing (pranayama) and meditative exercises to de-stress and relax afterwards.


Vinyasa Flow

Classes are a free-format variation on the Ashtanga style, linking breath and movement together. Again, you will be guided through the practice, with options to suit.



“Loved it loved it loved it!”


“I left the week with you being totally inspired... I now do a primary led series class which is so hard but I run with it! Also doing Mysore practice. I just wanted to say at a critical time for me you were wonderful and you allowed those around you to help me and be wonderful too. Thank you for being there. I know how important it is to make a difference in people's lives”


“Still feeling so relaxed. What a wonderful weekend. I look forward to doing it again, variation of ashtanga included.”