About Yoga with Sasha

Sasha Norton views the practices of asana and pranayama as a preparation for the deeper practices of concentration and meditation.

Why yoga?

Yoga is a systematic training of the physical body, breath, senses and mind in attempt to achieve spiritual union and self-realisation. Although this may not be the aim of every practitioner ('and indeed was never my intention when I first turned to yoga for stress relief'), the techniques and methods are also effective in relieving physical and mental tension and encouraging a greater sense of well-being. Strength, flexibility and stamina are welcome by-products.


What to expect

Sasha's preference is for a dynamic, physically challenging style of asana practice leading to a deeper state of relaxation and preparation for meditation. However, this is carefully balanced with the students' own needs and abilities and classes are constructed in an organic way to meet these needs. Where possible, the following elements are covered in each session: sun salutations, (flowing) standing postures, balances, core stability, backbends, twists, inversions, forward bends, savasana (relaxation) and pranayama (breath work). A variety of postures and techniques are used as appropriate, with modifications as necessary to suit individuals.